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You can enjoy different activities in our resort such as diving, canoeing, fishing and snorkeling.

Dive Shop

Located at Malakal Island, next to Marina and a mere 5 minutes away from some of Koror state's finest hotels, restaurants and bars, you will find Maml Divers main office and dive shop. Usually alive with activity, this is where all trips, tours and bookings take place. Drop by the office and have a chat with one of their friendly members of staff and they will endeavor to answer any questions or needs you may have for your holiday whilst here in Palau. Maml Divers has a pilot diveshop in Peleliu, where your only 5 to 30 minutes to the best dive spot in Palau.

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One way to enjoy exploring the island is through canoeing and paddling your own canoe. It is available to all who wants to try this activity.


Enjoy fishing inside the reef with local fishing tour or throughout Peleliu Island country side such as Camp Beck south dock. Try to catch local reef fish or even small Tuna fish that can be found in Palau.




Enjoy snorkeling in the Jellyfish Lake, it one of a kind in the world. Jelly fish has lost their ability to sting, since they have not had predators for many years.